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Individual car clubs and their meets as well as flee markets

Of course traveling is often required but  the fun of going to new places is enjoyable and walking is good exercise

55 continuous years searching at Hershey is my favorite therapy

I may not always find things but usually make contacts with vendor's,  by using example of parts or pictures of my wants.

I look forward to hear of other methods


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There are some really good groups on Facebook!


 I am on at least 10...A GM page, several Pontiac pages, an Oldsmobile page & two AMC pages. Some of them are strictly for sale ads or wanted posts others share pictures of

rides & swapping information & posting for shows, cruises, etc


God Bless



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On ‎3‎/‎8‎/‎2019 at 10:41 AM, STEVE POLLARD said:

Other than ebay or craigslist, what other web sites do the membership use for searching for vintage used or NOS parts from ?



What era car parts are you talking about 2012 or 1912? 

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I've had luck with rearcounter.com  for parts for my 55 TBird.


I thought I had a good site with NOSparts.com, but their website is not up to date and they told me to use rearcounter.  Usually easiest if you have the part number or at least a partial number.

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