1962 buick special

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Need clutch plate or clutch kit for 198 v6 engine .3 speed transmission with 9 1/2 " clutch.

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If no other sources are available, and dsepending upon condition of your original, there are rebuilders who would reline your clutch plate. You would be well advised to replace the clutch release (Throw-out) bearing and closely evaluate the pressure plate, as well as the surface of the flywheel for possible resurfaccing - but if the flywheel is smooth and not scortched, might be best to leave it alone.


Depending on where yopu're located, there are place who reline brakes, especially for big trucks. These folks would likely have the materials for your clutch.


Many years ago while on a Glidden tour my '27 Chevy clutch disk shattered and I was able to source a used replacement locally that same day. The following morning the folks at Lexington (KY) Joint & Clutch

Lexington Joint & Clutch Lexington KY, 40508 – Manta.com

took excellent care of me and got my disk relined in almost no time, enabling me to reassemble the car and be back on Tour by 9:30 AM that same morning.


There are likely others in your area, although if you let us know where you are, others on this FORUM may be able to advise or offer help

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Fatsco does automatic transmission parts only --- Fatsco stands for

French's Automatic Transmission Supply Company....


I can assist you -- I might have them Brand New even!!!!

Always best to simply call me -- Craig 516 - 485 - 1935... New York..

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