De-coding casting numbers 1934 Dodge

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Hi ... I have an Australian assembled 1934 DR Dodge .... 

I saw a recent post regarding casting numbers that related to casting date etc. but I can`t find it now ...

It showed 3 locations  

1: engine number top left { mine is DR69790 } DR being the model for 34.

2: down low on the block between the oil filler tube and the distributor { 587 with 3 - 14 under it }

3: rear bottom of the block { 620026-4 }

If I am correct. the 3 - 14 would indicate March 14th.. is this correct ??  .. If so it would mean my motor was cast 85 years ago , next week ... Cause for a celebratory drink , I think .. and would the - 4 on the rear number relate to 1934 ??

Any information would be greatly appreciated



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I would guess the -4 after 620026 would be the engineering version number, or perhaps the mould number.

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