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Headlight Motor RepairTip


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Here's a tip for headlight motor rebuilding. It cost me $20, the forum can have it for free.

First the background. I always have trouble when trying to drill a broken bolt or screw. When this happened upon headlight motor disassembly, I took the motor housing to an automotive machine shop, fully expecting an outrageous price and a DIY project that night at home.

The guy removed the broken screw in about 10 minutes, and didn't even want any money. I insisted and, since I had nothing smaller than a $20, that's what it cost.

He clamped the motor housing in his vise, applied heat from a propane torch to the bottom (or outer surface of the housing), then took his sidecutters and gripped the protruding part of the screw and gently twisted it back and forth. He alternated between heat, twisting, and some "Liquid Wrench" stuff applied to the top (or mating surface side of the housing).

After a few minutes of this, the broken bolt screwed right out. Of course, I broke the head of the screw off, which left a good part of it sticking out of the housing. If you break the screw within the housing, get the drill out.

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