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Transport Recommendations --- Clark Roan?

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I'm looking to transport a large 1920's open car from Houston, Texas to Albany, NY. 

I've used Clark Roan twice and would like to again, but none of his contact information is currently working.  Does anyone know Clark?


Otherwise, does someone have a good recommendation for enclosed transport? 

I am looking for door-to-door service without the car being moved from one truck to another.  Basically one truck, more-or-less direct service. 


I posted to the Towing Wanted section, but thought someone could give a recommendation based on past experience.


Thanks --- Scott


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Great guy. Bills auto Works ,216-832-8697.  New equipment and well maintained. One man band and always keeps in touch.. He  moved a car for me and was at my house a half hour before he said. 

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Hello Scott,


   I will email you a price quote. Dozens from the forum have used my service in the past, however I would not be able to fit you on the schedule until Mid/Late April as I 

am booked 3-8 weeks in advance all year round.


   Here is a link to my ad on the Hamb where you can see hundreds of references posted by folks who have used my service in the past.




  Also since I am sure you want enclosed, here is a picture of the truck & trailer it would come in!


God bless

Bill Squires(owner)

Bill's Auto Works

IMG_20170204_093851867 (640x360).gif

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I have used Jim who posts on this forum as Trulyvintage. He has a link to his business in the “Commercial Service” down below on this forum. He moved a car from Florida to NV for me last year and was extremely professional. He took great care of my car, and kept in touch with me along the way.


Let me know if you need his phone number.



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Thanks Kevin,


I believe this is the car I hauled for you:




Here is your review of my service on the AACA forum:


Kevin’s Transport Review Here


I have been a AACA forum member since 2008.


I am in the Austin, Texas area today.


I just dropped off a 1902 Oldsmobile Curved Dash that I brought out from Oceanside, California for a regular customer & friend.


It is the oldest vehicle I have transported to date ....




Tomorrow I am dropping off this 1966 Pontiac Convertible in College Station, Texas that I also hauled out from California.




After that I am available for transport.


Currently I have at least (6) vehicles waiting to be picked up in various parts of the lower 48 states.


You can visit my website that I built back in 2006 here:


Actual Customer Feedback Here






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Jim dropped off my Pontiac pictured above this PM.  I couldn't be happier.  He picked it up in San Diego on Sat and was in contact with me via text daily.  I appreciate the personal service as compared to my experience last year with a national carrier who damaged my car.  5 stars

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