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Car transport Houston TX to Albany NY

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Looking for transport or recommendations to haul a 1920's open car from Houston, Texas to Albany, NY. 

Looking for door-to-door service without multiple truck transfers. 

Time frame roughly now, mid March, through mid-April or so. 


Thanks -- Scott




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I've had good luck with Passport transport two hauls,  coast to coast enclosed and much less luck with an independent contractor, contrary to how good that independent contractor says they are/ were. 

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Manor carriers do not go from pick up to drop without transfer between trailers

and storage in transfer yards.


For example .....


I have transported not one - but two - 1915 Stanley Twelve Passenger 

Steam Powered Mountain Wagons.


Only about (12) total remain in private collections of those built between 

1909 and 1917.








For example .....


I transported a 1903 Dyke Touring and a 1908 Reo Touring from

California to North Carolina last month for a fellow HCCA member:







My actual paying customers prefer my services over the major carriers 


Read My Actual Customer Feedback Here






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I know of a customer cash in hand that had trouble using a private carrier and was "saved" by the big company that picked it up next day and actually ended up charging the exact same amount as the private carrier contracted to 3 months earlier but still wasn't able to "get to it". 

My opinions since have been that using the big  guys is the way to go.  No hassle no stories, your car just shows up a week later, coast to coast.

Here they are Christmas day





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