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Hello!  I wanted to share my new-to-me car.  

After selling my Suburban back in September, I've been looking for a station wagon... Preferably one 1970-1995, big block, bucket seats, not blue, and preferably GM (although I didn't say this out loud).  I can't tell you how many cars I've looked at in that time!  However, none really "spoke" to me, nor kept me thinking about it.  I first looked at this on in the beginning of December - she's a 1995. While this one is blue, it doesn't have a BBC - but it does have an LT1 - nor does it have bucket seats (it has a split bench), it's in pretty good shape and bought from the original owner.  There's been no modifications, mileage is around 114,000 miles and it's been sitting for a few years.  We've already bought a few things, ordered a bunch of parts and will get started getting her running. 


Now I know this is not what most of you would pick up, this works for me as it needs to be my daily driver as well as my AACA car and I think this will work well in HPOF!  If you have owned one and have anything you'd like to share about what to look for/watch out for, what was good or bad, please feel free to share.


She won't be on the showfield this year obviously, but look for her in 2020!!




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Annie, the last General Motors wagons, like yours,

have been desirable for quite some time.  Your car

has good styling, and I'm sure it will be comfortable

for your family!  I see the Buick versions for sale

frequently in the Buick Club magazine, even with

100,000 or more miles--so that shows how desirable

they have become.


All the best to you with your new old car!

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A good friend of mine has 1995 Roadmaster wagon with the LT1 engine and it is a comfortable and good performing car.  I have driven it  many times on the the Baltimore beltway and is a great highway cruiser.  It also gets very good on gas and always gets 20+MPG.  I think you made an excellent choice.  

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Congratulations Annie, on you new aquisition. Lookin' forward to seeing you, Joel, your in-laws, and the WAGGIN wagon soon.


Our 1995 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham has the same driveline - and can SMOKE the kids in their rice burners with the gumball tires.

It handles well with the new shocks, air-adjustable suspension, and new Michelin tires. There are even fold-down vanity mirrors for the rear seat passengers, enough trunk space for 2 couples at a drive-In movie, and still makes better than 20 mpg at West Texas Ludicrous speed.

1995 Cadillac 001 - Copy - Copy - Copy.jpg

1995 Cadillac 002.jpg

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Good Luck! In 1992 I worked at the Jacob Javits Convention Center and ended up purchasing a 1992 Roadmaster Wagon the same color as yours that was a show display vehicle. One thing I remember if the cruise control stops working check the third brake light in the gate window. There are some contacts that tend to get oxidized. 

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I am the 1991-1996 Roadmaster Tech Advisor for the Buick Club of America. I get an average of, probably 1 call every two months on these cars. I have owned two 1994 Sedans and now have a 1994 Impala SS, which shares a lot of the B-body components and habits. I am listed in The Bugle at bernie@berniedaily.com or 585-797-7421. My best online source is https://www.impalassforum.com/vBulletin/33-roadmaster/

The Forum is very active, has tech, Buy/sell, and events. Yep, they have events. A big one was held in Geneva, New York, near me.

Most of them had sticker prices in the $30,000 range when new. Today you can't touch an equal car a $50,000. You may find the interior plastic bits annoying, but everything else is fine.


The water pump is driven by a shaft from the camshaft. The shaft and seal are right above the Optispark ignition. Twice a year pressure check the cooling system for a leak at the water pump seal. It can make a mist that may take out the Optispark. The heater cores tend to plug and the defrost system is the worst. They thought Buick buyers all had myopia. Other than that change fluids and lube. They are 400,000 miles cars if the rust don't get them.


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35 minutes ago, Brass is Best said:

Happy Motoring! Getting a new old car is better than Christmas.

Well it's hard to tell which is best when your new old car (one that had been on your bucket list since you discovered matchboxes) gets delivered on Christmas day at Noon. 

That will be a tough one to top.  That was after I had another delivered on Father's day the same year.   Those deliveries were actually all just coincidental and both the transporters were happy I was willing to take delivery on a holiday. 

That will be a tough old car year to ever top except maybe when I finally get that Auburn.   We'll have to wait and see. :) 


Back to the original topic though.  

Glad to hear you finally found what you were looking for AnniesSS. 

Persistence pays off.

Xander- back away from the Buick.  Aren't you a Hudson man? 

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Buick's need the loving touch of my custom hand to.:lol: A person standing in my shop once said " this is where cars come to die":lol: I just need to wear a hockey mask when I start with the cut off wheel. This is the last known picture of the 1996 Road master wagons heart, before the operation/transplant started. It is now beating, with good blood/oil pressure in the black truck. Mine has a 1995 Z28 Camaro LT1, with air intake set up from a 1995 Impala. Same as the Buick, it work well in the black truck, so I set mine up the same.

rex's engine 014.JPG

hudsons and planes 023.jpg

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5 hours ago, 60FlatTop said:

They are 400,000 miles cars if the rust don't get them


Mine started falling apart at 40,000 miles. I sold it when the third transmission started to fail. Best looking car I ever bought new, but it became a money pit...

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My '94 has 254k miles on it, engine never been in, transmission might have been in before I purchased it with 65k on the clock.


Mine does not have the tow package, yours does (mechanical fan), so mine is the "go fast" model, no wasted HP on mechanical fan.😉


Winter car rust sidelined it for a while, but Cunifer brake lines, new fuel pump solved those issues (and fiberglass patches in quarters😁).  Still sporting original exhaust system.


Rockauto.com will be your friend, as they still have AC Delco parts at good prices. 


Items to watch out for:

Water pump dripping!

Whine of failed rear axle bearings. Fix before axles need replacing. Well, they make "repair" bearings....

Leaks from oil cooler lines.

Leaks from oil cooler line adapter at oil filter.

Rust on steel brake lines-replace!

Speedometer cluster gets dirty contacts-numbers read funny


Except for one screw, replacing the heater core is the easiest on ANY CAR I have ever worked on. Just need 1/4" socket set and imagination for that screw against the firewall. 


Excellent purchase!👍



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Thanks again!!  Bernie & Frank - thanks for so much great info to watch out for.  This is new territory as this is VERY different from the Burb and my 454SS :)  

Rock Auto has already gotten a few hundred in parts orders so far lol  I know there will be more!


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