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Collection of prewar and postwar american & european car Pierce Overland Hupmobile Packard Cord Stutz Cadillac Auburn Lancia

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A friend of mine has this car collection for sale, will sell individually, all the cars are located in France, I can put you in touch directly with the seller.


Call Roger 1 718 450 0443 or email at locomobilia@gmail.com


Prices are in Euros, and buyers pays for all costs from the location of the vehicules that all are in Chappes, 63720, France


1911 Pierce-Arrow Model 36, 125,000 Euros


6 Cylinders

Very Rare

100% Complete

To Restore

Photo Album Link




4 Cylinder Engine with 4 Blocks

3 Speed Transmission

Original Leather Interior

US Title

Photo Album Link




1913 HUPMOBILE, 58,000 EUROS



1917 PACKARD Twin Six Boattail Cabrio, 68,000 Euros



7 Litres

88 HP

US Title

Photo Album Link




1929 CORD L29 2 Seater Cabriolet, POA

Chassis number: 2926725312

Vin # FVL389

Photo Album Link




1929 STUTZ Modele M Cabriolet, 98,000 Euros

8 Cylinders 5.3 Liters 115 HP

High Quality Restoration

4 Seater

US Title

Photo Album Link




1934 CADILLAC Convertible Series 20, 115,000 Euros

V8 Engine

Long Wheelbase


Photo Album Link




1935 AUBURN 853 Convertible, 75,000 Euros

653 Model

6 cylinders

Photo Album Link




1935 CADILLAC Coupe Series 20, 58,000 Euros


Long Wheelbase 

US Title

Photo Album Link



1936 PACKARD 120 Business Coupe 8 cylinders, 52,000 Euros

8 Cylinder Engine

Photo Album Link



1963 Lancia Flaminia GTL Coupe Touring 2.5 L, 63,000 Euros

2.5 Liter Engine

Photo Album Link



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the Pierce is priced at 125,000 Euros, and located in Chappes, 63720, France, the buyer is responsible for all the costs from its location associated with exporting the car to the USA

The car is 100% complete, including the body.

If you are still interested I can put you in touch with the seller who speaks English.




Roger Pena


1 718 450 0443

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You can buy the Pierce Arrow from the same owner, the car has just been advertised in several websites and is on consignment in different platforms for more exposure, you can contact me at 1 718 450 0443 in the USA, my name is Roger Pena and I 'm a long time friend with the owner, and I can put you in touch with him (he speaks English and French)

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These have been for sale for some time, why are they not moving besides the point that they're in France? Some of them seem to be worth the money (others not so much), but you'd think the better priced vehicles would be sold by now.

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