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1942 Continental door lock

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I recently took the doors apart to work on the window mechanisms and to fix the key locks. When I removed the lock cylinders I figured something was missing- a piece that hooks onto the pin on the back of the cylinder and somehow blocks the exterior push button from operating.  There were no "extra" parts within the door itself.  Later I was told that there is/was a metal plate with a hole for the pin on the back of the cylnder to slide the plate up and down to block the exterior button from being used. Additionally there should be a brass curved piece to provide tension to the plate.  I cannot find info on the size and appearance of these piece or anyone yet who has them for sale.  Please advise, thanks. 

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An update for the record for others to see. I got the needed steel plates and brass "springs" from Merv Adkins.  I have also attached a photo of the metal box this all goes into on the Continental door.

Was this the same for '42 Zephyrs or are those a different lock setup due to the Continental doors being so thin?




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