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HPOF or AACA Orginal ?

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I had an HPOF Model A years ago and I am thinking about going to Charlotte and I see there is a HPOF and AACA Original class what is the difference, I have another original 1929 Model A and not sure which class to put it in, can someone explain the difference? The car has never been show so will it need to bee in HPOF or Original? Thanks for some information Michael Morton

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First you compete for HPOF certification. If a car is certified as HPOF, the next time it attends a National, it can compete for AACA Original. If it does not obtain AACA Original, it should receive a Preservation Chip. HPOF and AACA Original works similar to how First Junior and Senior work in Class Judging. 

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Matt is correct.  There is only one class for you to enter and that is HPOF.  If you car receives HPOF certification  in the first National then it will automatically go for evaluation for the Original HPOF certification, which means a car with more areas of originality.  If the car does not meet the higher standard of the Original HPOF certification, then it will receive a Repeat HPOF award.

We hope to see you in Charlotte!

Dave Bowman

Chief Judge

AACA Southeastern National, Charlotte, NC

AACA HPOF Committee Member


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