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Can Anyone Identify Where This Car Show Was?

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In 1962 I attended a car show where I saw the cars in the attached photos.  I can not remember where the show was, but it was within one day's driving distance of Middletown, PA where I lived at the time.  In the background of a couple of the pictures there appears to be a roller coaster.  I know that sounds like Hershey, but I am pretty sure it was not there.  I would appreciate knowing where it was if anyone can identify the location from the pictures.  Thank you.










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I believe it was the annual car show at the Williams Grove

Amusement Park near Mechanicsburg, Pa.  For many years,

it was an event of the AACA's Gettysburg Region.


The amusement park was a small, locally owned park,

and it closed down maybe 10 years ago.  The land is still there,

but the rides (I'm pretty sure) have been removed. 

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A few of the pictures are taken next to the old wooden roller coaster. By the early 2000’s, the amusement park was closed, but the property hosted a flea market every Sunday morning. The roller coaster was steadily rotting in place; and the other buildings looked like a backdrop for a Hollywood suspense thriller. At some point a few of the rides/buildings were recycled and the flea market closed- apparently over an accident/insurance claim. The Williams Grove Steam Historical Soceity continues to operate a flea market each Sunday on their adjoining property-and it draws large crowds on pretty mornings. Generations of adults, including my wife, have a lifetime of memories made in the old amusement park. I used to look at the rotting supports of the roller coaster and think: there is no way she rode that thing!

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A large number of those cars belonged to members

of the Gettysburg Region A.A.C.A.  In fact, in the 2nd picture,

the white car has a Gettysburg Region badge mounted 

in front of its radiator.


Where are the cars now, 60 years later?  Who knows?

The Gettysburg Region still gets a good contingent of early cars at its

annual car show, but not to the extent shown in those pictures.

Maybe a few of those cars are still tucked unseen in local garages;

but it's likely that most of those members are no longer around.

One man I know has an early 1920's Buick like the one

in the 3rd picture, but I don't know if it's the same one.

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The obvious thing about a circa 1960 "antique car show" is that most of the cars (if 25 years or older) would be Pre-WWII, and that's what makes these great old photos so nice to see. Of course today, the field would be interlaced with cars from the 40's, 50's, 60's ..etc, nothing wrong with that, but it creates a different atmosphere.  We have a local Pre-War group (cars built prior to 1942) that meets regularly, and tries to limit some events to pre-war cars only (and no hot-rods or modified cars), but it's a struggle to keep enough interest without putting someone's nose out of joint (who has a nice post war car or rodded P-W).  

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