1972 hood release knob removal

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I am trying to remove the hood release knob that you pull when you want to open the hood. I am trying to remove the kick panel and it is stopping me, how do I go about doing this? First instinct is to pull hard but I'd rather not break anything while guessing 


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I can’t get to mine at the moment, but I don’t think the handle separates from the cable. I believe you have to remove the cable from the latch and fish it through the firewall and the trim panel to get it out. I think the handle is “molded” to the cable?


The illustrations I have from the assembly manual, and the parts manual, don’t show that the handle is removable. The second picture does show the cable comes apart under the hood, but I believe that is for ’71 only, and not on the ‘72?






Sorry I can’t answer better, this is all I have available at this time.

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You are correct, the handle does not remove. It is the same for all 71-73's.


Bob Bonto


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