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3 hours ago, MetroPetro said:

Two different photographs. Color one similar to a “photochrome” postcard of that era.

I see what you're saying about the "photochrome" process, although I had to look it up.  Because of the "colorized" look of the second photo with the '41's on the truck, I wondered whether it was an illustration as opposed to a photo.  The image appeared in the AACA magazine in March 2022 as part of an article about rail transport of new cars.  Since the photos are almost identical except one has '41's on the truck and the other has '42's on the truck, I wonder whether they were advertising photos taken at the same time?  It doesn't make much sense.  The only other difference is the man with the clipboard -- same idea but different pose.  I not only don't understand why they would take the two different photos, but I also think it would have been difficult to unload one set of cars and load the other one without moving the truck.  But the camera position and the truck position are obviously exactly the same in both photos.  A mystery.

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