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information needed on a 1929 Nash sedan

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Hi Perry,


For a start, it depends on what model your Nash is. Nash was building and selling three completely different model series in 1929, and they are all quite different in terms of size and dimensions. I'm not sure where to get the specs you're looking for, but I am curious as to which model your car is.


In general, a Nash body of that time has a lot more wood in it than a Ford body, and would have been a considerably tighter, quieter car when new, so probably a lot more comfortable as well. Even the lowest priced Nash was a lot higher priced than a Ford, so would have had much nicer interior appointments, upholstery and trim.


I'd suggest you join the Nash Car Club of America (if you aren't already a member) to get yourself into the "Nash network" for info and parts. They have a ton of stuff on their website, but much of it is accessible only by members.


Take care,


Jerry K

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