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Need a drivers fender for 65 riviera.

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 Does anybody know where l can purchase a straight drivers side fender for my 65 ? Straightening mine is probably beyond my ability. The  front of these first gen riv fenders have a lot of contours and once they are bent up,well l think l will be better off starting with something easier to work with.l have a solid fender that l could possibly  weld a straight front onto. This is a pretty major hurdle but l get past it and l should be able to make a lot of progress on this build this year! Gotta love these Rivies !

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Ed,I'm in the rust belt of N W Pennsylvania. I did have a rust free western fender sent to me years ago but it is damaged in the nose worse than my rusty original. Anyway ,it was sent by UPS to a drop off point near me in Meadville . Shipping was reasonable. I got it out last weekend and realized quickly just how mangled it is. Dave l'll contact Tim and see what he's got !

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