Does 63/64 fuel gauge work on a 65

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The '63 and '64 units are 30 Ohm . The '65 is 90 Ohm.  Because of the Ohm difference they don't interchange from '63/'64  to '65.  The sending /pickup unit in the tank must match the gauge in the dash.

You need a sending/pickup unit that is 90 Ohm for your '65.



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Thx for the prompt replies brothers. 


I came home with a replacement gauge & the tiny mounting screws off of a 65 for $50


I mention “tiny mounting screws” because (believe it or not) that was my fuel gauge problem…who woulda thunk.  


Speedo repair shop used longer screws to mount my gauge causing metal mounting tabs in the cluster to separate from circuit card film…most expensive tiny screws I ever bought haha


every step I take I find some kinda issue with this build haha


Glad it worked out

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