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help me decode my second lincoln

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Hey  Guys,

started working on my Second lincoln,

but before i start work wanted to know what the year of my car would be and also any other nomenclature before i start ordering parts


thank so much



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I would think that information would be on the title.

If no title then that would be the first step before investing in anything else.

Looks like a fun project.

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By all means, get that car legally into your name as soon as you can. You don't want to finish it and be all tied up in paperwork before you get it licensed.


I was undecided about what I would do with this '48, but I got the legal registration in my name while I decided. I ended up parting it out, but I transfer everything to me.


Mechanical work is easy, body work is hard, legal work is just a killer.


Even this one:



And this rough old gal:



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