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Chickasha Swap meet 2019


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Model T and A parts

Assorted Cadillac parts 1903-1908 

Couple of Reo parts

Some Chevrolet 

Some car literature 1910's-1930's

Fairbanks Morse Model Z headless built 1917 project. 


Looking for:

Reo One Cyl.

Carburetor, camshaft, cam gear, cutout, oiler and brake parts.

1915 Regal light 4

Owner's manual and literature showing Dash/ interior shots , hood, radiator and dyneto starter generator switch for dash. 


In the past space has been outside north building  by the southwest  entry door. 


We have a friend that set up inside with vintiques, brass horn parts, radiator scripts, horns and horn parts sum early Cadillac,Reo,Mode T. 

Be there Thursday afternoon through Saturday. 


Austin Anders 




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Thank Larry for your suggestions.  I'll be returning again to Chickasha

to show our Leather License Plates.  Our vendor space is in the North Bldg

Spaces NJ 8-9.  Perfect location:  Air conditioning and heated,

near the restrooms and practically next to the food vendor.  What

more to ask for!  Also, I believe the Buick guy's will have their

gathering at my booth space on Friday at 10am?  We'll be showing

leather license plates including the new "black on white ground"

leather plate alongside our more normal aluminum numbers on

the thick black leather.  Stop by and say hello!  We'll be there Friday

at 8am and we'll stick around until noon on Saturday.

Steve Hammatt  360-661-6060 cell

Here's a photo of an original "black on white ground" plate:



1907 ILL Black on White 449.jpg

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3 hours ago, 26-25Buick said:

I’m a first time visitor to Chickasha. The plan is to arrive mid-morning Saturday.

Looking for parts for my 1912 Cadillac project.


You might be better served to come on Friday if you can.  You can then come to Steve's place and meet a bunch of pre-war guys at 10:00.

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26-25 Buick, 


If you arrive mid-morning Saturday, you'll be just in time to wave goodbye to all the dealers who've already packed up and are on their way home. 


Get there Friday morning for best results. 


From one who made that mistake.

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I'd go one better, specifically at Chickasha.......

Plan to arrive Thursday early afternoon in order

to "work the parking lot" before the vendors are

allowed onto the fairground field.  You'll have a

chance, especially if you're looking for autos or

the rusty bits that are typically loaded in on large

open trailers!

The indoor vendor space vendors tend to be the

more specialist type vendors, specializing in certain

products and/or services.  Outdoor vendors tend to

be more along the line of complete cars or large parts

thereof, you know.....rust bits and other interesting items.

Be assured, these are only my observations and are

complete generalities.


Either way, get there Thursday or Friday, stay for Saturday 

to enjoy the balance of the meet and to get those last

minute deals from a vendor packing up and headed

for home.  I know that I always stay until noon before leaving

my vendor space, not all vendors do this.  As a buyer,

remember, the best deals can often be gotten at the last minute!


Enjoy Chickasha......many improvements have been made

over the past few years.  I'm sure additional improvements

will be made.  One improvement that I've noticed for this

year is a start at re-doing the web page http://pwsm.com/

Unfortunately the update is not complete yet (3 weeks prior

to the 2019 Swap Meet), hopefully the update will get done

in time and it can contain links to aid attendees find local

eateries, services and other travel assistance for persons

attending in the next couple of weeks.


Come to Chickasha, enjoy the swap meet, enjoy the people

and best of luck in finding those special parts that you've been

looking for!




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Hi, Neil.  Here is a swap meet tip : A day or two before, buy a to go pizza. Extremely high quality pizza can often be found at joints cooking in wood, or coal fired ovens. Enjoy the tomato pie, and save the box. Use said container to make a fore and aft sign board  with a wish list drawn on it. Tape it up into a crude vest. Discard vanity, swallow your pride, and don this assault on sartorial elegance as you approach the meet. You must max out the limited time you have. When I have a few topics needing exposure, I use three different colors  for separating each for easier recognition. 


Good luck in finding the Cadillac parts. Are you a member of CLC ?


                                    In any case, I hope you can come back and visit us frequently.   -    Carl 


P.S. I am still looking for EXACTLY the right fog light. I just don't get around much anymore.




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