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Unusual Jeep Hubcap

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Recently, someone posted this pictures of a Jeep Hubcap, with a big "J" in the centre. 

What is unusual about this Hubcap is that it is nearly identical to the 1966-1967 Mercury Hubcaps. 

The only difference with these Mercury Hubcaps for these two years is that the inners were painted a different colour.

I have both years, plus the Spinner variations in my Hubcap display, as shown in second picture.

Compare the Jeep Hubcap with the last photo which is of a 1967 Mercury Hubcap.

They both have the same number of "ribs" and both appear identical, except for the centres.

Can anyone throw light on this unusual Jeep Hubcap, which is supposedly off the early J Series Jeeps?

Did they "borrow" the design from Mercury?

Jeep hubcap J Series fitted to early CJ's.jpg

66-67 Mercury Hubcaps.JPG

67 Merc.jpg

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As I live in Australia, I have never seen one of these J Hubcaps.

However, a reader on Hemmings said "The J hubcaps were actually called the J Series and were fitted to early CJs".

Another reader said "The “J” wheel covers were made by a company called Cutlas out of Lyons, Ill. as an aftermarket item for the Jeep."

If it was made by an outside company, they obviously copied the 1966-1967 Mercury design?

All very confusing.

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Is it possible the Jeep company went to a hubcap manufacturer and picked out an old cap for which they had the dies, had the die modified and bought a supply of hubcaps?

I have heard that the Cord company did something similar, the inside door handles and window winders were picked out of the supplier's back catalog and dressed up with big showy plastic knobs.

It would save a lot of time and money if they could alter an old hubcap slightly rather than design and make a whole new die.

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I believe they were used on the 1967-'69 Jeepster, the most 'car'-like Jeep up to that time; a convertible with four roll-down windows.



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