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1911 Maxwell AB parts needed


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Hi everyone. 

I just got my first early bars era car. Until now the oldest I have had was a 1926 Hupp coupe.   I love unrestored original stuff and the AB is pretty close 

The seat bottom cushions have been recovered but the backs are original as is the top. The side lights are Maxwell #9 but the tail light is a Solar 

The mag is an update but I would like to find a splitdorf  to put back on it.

From what I can read I need a maxwell #4 taillight and a Splitdorf model H magneto.

It has a flap valve hanging under the exhaust pipe that is accepted by a little handle in front of the seat and I was hoping someone could tell me what that is. 

I will post some picts and hope you enjoy . I just love to see old unrestored stuff.

Any leads would be appreciated also

Thanks for your time



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