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I read about really cheap rebuilt AC compressors from a company

for about $160 each, where did that post go I can't find it!!!!



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Guest Greg Ross

I think the general concensus is these cheap (inexpensive) remanufactured A/C Compressors are not worth it. Any reputable shop is going to tell you to replace the Dryer and oriface tube at the same time.

As a Compressor dies, and it's seals fail, bits of disintigrated "O" Rings and shaft seals are going to migrate throughout the A/C system. The price of the compressor is only a fraction of the overall cost. Unless you're doing the installation yourself and saving that 'Labor" portion, all the bits' and pieces including conversion to R-134a fittings, replacement Dryer etc. etc. are going to run you about $6-700 Dollars. And that's assuming the condensor and evaporator are fine.

With the "Cheap-ooo" compressor you'll get at best, a one year warrenty, probably qualified with "if installed by a professional A/C Mechanic"

I recently replaced mine with a New AC Delco Compressor purchased from a GM Dealer for $330. List Price was $660.

NAPA had quoted me $180 with a one year warrenty and as I recall $380 for the "Premium" remanufactured with a two year warrenty.

As with everything, you get what you pay for! wink.gif

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Guest wally888

Advance Auto quoted (approx) Clutch $140 and Compressor w/ clutch $158.

As previously stated, you can create some nightmares w/ rebuilt compressor.

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