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AC refridgerant, Flushing.


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Hmm, Is the "new" RC-134 or whatever is the name.

refridgerant enviromental enough so you can flush it yourself

or does it have to be collected? And how do you flush the AC

system? Is it DIY if you have the ability to get the vaccum




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There is a drop in refrigerant called Hot Shot (414B) produced by ICOR http://www.icorinternational.com/. I have not used it or any other R12 drop in replacement in automobile AC systems. But a properly performed evacuation of the refrigerant system must always be done. A vacuum pump and a micron meter should be used and you should pull the system down to at least 500 microns to assure that all moisture and contaminants have been removed. The advantage of a drop in refrigerant is that the compressor oil does not have to be changed or any flushing of the system. If you know someone who does AC work they would have the proper tools to do job. I remember seeing a product in the AutoZone store that was a complete kit, but I would recommend having the job done by someone that works in the AC trade.

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I saw in a prior post where a member mentioned there is a GM document that states

that R-134 can be used without changing the compressor oil, i.e. a "drop-in".

The document ID is 223857. Problem is, I don't have a clue where to look for this


I will see it the poster will answer this question.

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Now, to your questions.

Since 1995, it has been illegal to vent HFC's (e.g. R-134). CFC (e.g. R-12) venting was

outlawed several years prior to that.

Flushing the system is accomplished by recovering the refirgerent, then opening the

system and "Flushing" with a special flush. essentially, you squirt it in one end, and it

comes out the other. Flushing should only be required if you had some sort of system

failure, or if you need to remove the compressor oil such as retrofitting the system.

We need to collectively get that GM Retrofit document and see what it says. If GM says

you can leave the mineral oil in there and refill the system with R-134, works for me.

However, I was taught that mineral oil and PAG are not compatible. Let's see what the

General has to say.

If you just had a leak, and are concerned about your system, replacing the

receiver/dryer will take care of any contaminants in the system.

Although pulling the proper vacuum is essential, the big problem you will run into as a

DIY'er is recharging the system. Most if not all new cars have not had a sight glass since

I can't even remember. There are only three ways to properly charge any A/C System;

sight glass, weight, or superheat measurement. Without a sight glass, that leaves two

alternatives, both of which require expensive equipment and the knowledge of how to

use them.

Good Luck

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