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My name is Steve and I am from Las Vegas Nevada, and I am new to this forum thing.

I own a 1941 Buick Super Special 50 series. It was restored and modified. I was not there for the tear down and re-assembly of the interior.

I need to know if there are parts and or supports that hold up the radio in the dashboard. I purchased the radio when the car was being restored, however it was fully restored before I actually got the radio. I have looked and made sure it was the correct radio for the car. What I'm needing to know is does the dashboard have supports to bolt to or is there a fire wall support that was taken out that needs to be put back in to support / hold the radio in place, or does it just bolt to the dashboard with the front knob holders. I am aware that the radio runs on 6 volts and the necessary modifications have been made to step down the new 12 volt system that was installed when restoration was made.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I do have some of the manuals but there is no clear drawing of what was there.

Thank you

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Hi Steve


I don't know if the '41 radio is different than the '37 as far as mounting procedure but my '37 has a heavy support bracket that bolts up under the cowl using the rear hood hold-down bolt.  Once that is in, there is a serrated lower section that supports the rear of the radio.  The serrations allow you to raise or lower the radio so the face is nice and flush with your dash before you install the front knob bolts.



This is the upper part that bolts under the cowl.  The rear hood hold-down bolt fits in that slot.

The lower support arm swings to accommodate the radio and allows you to align it to your dash.




Bolted up top to the rear hood hold-down bolt.  The serrated part is where the radio bolts.


Hope it helps!


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The 1939 radio has supports that screw into the side of the radio. Don't know about '40, but it's a very heavy radio so I'm sure it needs some support brackets.

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Hi Steve:


Your Buick is either a Special or a Super -- there's no "Super Special 50 Series."  If it is indeed a 50 series, it is a Super.


Whatever series it is, the dash and the radio attachment would be the same.  On the '41, the radio has a stud on each side that is attached to a metal strap that hangs down from the top of the dash.  Unfortunately, I don't have any photos of my car, but here's a photo that I copied off of Ebay that shows the stud on one side of the radio case.



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Neil's photo of the bracket shows what you need. You don't often find one attached to

a used radio. I'll post a couple of photos below showing the area where it goes. That

bracket will be bolted with two bolts to a spot just behind the big chrome radio

surround and speaker grill.


The first photo shows a view of the installed radio from the bottom.


If you look at the second photo you will see where the bracket attaches on

the mounting pads (the top pair, I think).


Radio bracket.JPG



ReplaceDash01Underside c.JPG

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