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1953 Buick Super power steering change over


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On 5/31/2019 at 4:45 PM, ONEMANSGARAGE said:

Will this work on a 1950 super

Two photos of my friends 1950 Super convert

 We lucked out and found a 1952 Super 2dr ht with first year power steering absolutely complete, which was good bez all of the  controls mounted on the column are in slightly different locations. The size of the power steering sector is huge, so the column shaft above it is shorter and components are closer to the firewall(shift linkage, electrical switches) all designed differently to accommodate the power steering. The power steering sector has the same part listing in the parts book up to 1955, but the lengths of the column sharfts are different depending on model. This is the only straight eight original ps system Ive ever seen, so it was lucky everything was there and nothing missing. He really likes the upgrade, especially cuz it was a bolt for bolt retrofit to install!

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