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1928 buick strait 6 oil push rod

Captain Corey Clark

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I took possession of a 1928 American Lafrance with a buick strait 6 in it, sent it to the shop for repairs and when they removed the fuel pump the couldn't find a replacement. Well I got one now I dont know how the rod goes in to make it work......help..... Captain Corey Clark, Osceola Fire



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Refer to www.29buick.ca . Go to photo gallery, repairs, then fuel pump info / repairs. This will show you how the fuel pump push rod is installed in the engine. The 1929 and 1930 engines are the same in the respect of push rod. By the way it appears that your fire truck has a 1930 Buick engine in it due to the mounting bolt pattern. Coat it with a heavy grease and slide it in. The grease will prevent it from sliding back out.

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