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2018 National Award Winners list

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Yes, at each meet our team looks at all the cars on the show field.  There are approximately 26 of us along with the DPC and HPOF teams that are involved.  The judges nominate cars in different categories and then we all meet in December and look at all the cars nominated and then choose.  Each team member has a vote and the vehicle with the most votes win.  It is tough as sometimes there are a dozen or so to choose from!  Your wagon is a perfect example of a great car that isn't over the top yet it still won.  Congratulations!  Oh and to answer your question there are usually 3500 to 4500 vehicles under consideration in a given year so winning a national award is in fact a great honor. 


There were 67 vehicles that won awards this year...there were some ties and some categories no winner. 

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Thanks for the reply Steve. I have belonged to many car related clubs in my years ( started drag racing at 16  and I am 64) and the AACA ranks at the top of my list. The shows  and the fellowship  are both great! Looking forward to Auburn...

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