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Stone Chips


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Just washed and waxed my 91 Maui Blue Reatta and found several stone chips. Someone suggested that I could fix the tiny holes with matching crayon wax and then wax over it. If anyone has tried it, let me know if it works. Otherwise what else could I do short of repainting?

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I had <span style="font-style: italic">many</span> stone chips on my hood. I started out with an inexspensive repair. After a bad case of "while your at it" I had the hood and head light covers stripped and repainted. It turn out great!!. To protect my investment I had a 12" wide clear 3M film applied to the hood and covers. I was going to do it myself but I was persuaded to have it done. After watching the installer I realized there is an art to it. Well worth the money.

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