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1955-1957 bird parts

harris speedster

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13 hours ago, paul2748 said:

You should make a list of what you have and post it.  Saves a lot of questions


You are correct.

But, there are at least 500 plus parts I am selling for an old friend.

I have started lists before, but always get pulled away.

I appreciate the advice, truly do !!

Respectfully submitted,


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Mercer 09.

First off, I do have all of the specail parts that are needed to put the 292 or the 312 into the baby bird.

Mnay think that because valve covers say Thunderbird Special, that a passenger car engine will drop in, WRONG.


Sent you a email.

What year do you have 55,56,57 ?

Auto or stick>

How much on the hard top, port hole or not?

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I do have a nice, with good springs, upper and lower seat set.

I only have power tracks, no motors or shaft drive transmissions.

The problem will be in shipping.

They are quite heavy, and I don't even know how I could box them.

As a shear guess, I would bet shipping would be a minimum of $ 225.-275.

If you had somebody traveling through, it would make sense.



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I have an:

original; jack stalk,

original AJA foot stand base,

original jack ratchet,

original jack handle .

No bumper spoon.


Nebo Illinois, 217-734-9400

$375.00 and they are of good quality, no deep rust pits, bends etc, ratchet operates smoothly.


I also have the trunk floor bracket that swings up to lock spair/wheel into well.

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