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Seldom-Seen 1960’s BUICK Dealer Hand-Held Scrambler Game, “Best Buy Buick”.

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Depending on your age, you may remember neat little hand “scrambler” games like these from the 1950’s and into the 1960’s. These puzzles were quite popular back in the day. Kind of like a first generation “Rubik Cube”. The idea is to scramble all the little sliding plastic tiles around, and see how quickly you can get them in the final order to spell the words correctly.
This seldom-seen gem I have for sale is an early 1960’s BUICK slogan hand-held game puzzle. This BUICK dealer promotional item has you moving the squares around to produce the advertising slogan, “Best Buy BUICK”. This puzzle has he BUICK dealer sticker on the back, with a nice tri-shield logo. The dealer name is N.E. Black, New Bloomfield, PA. Very good condition. $39, plus the shipping.

096 (624x640).jpg

098 (640x558).jpg

099 (624x640).jpg

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