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Unique BUICK Promotional Clock. From Flint Corporate Marketing.

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This is a very unusual BUICK promotional desk clock. I don’t know if these clocks ever got into circulation for use in the dealerships, since I've never seen another of these. It's possible this is prototype from BUICK corporate in Flint. However, I WELCOME any input from another BUICK collector who has one of these, or knows their "story".

I purchased this clock from a retired BUICK corporate executive who headed the company’s promotional department. He was selling some of his personal BUICK goodies at a BCA national meet in Flint quite a few years ago. This clock does have a handwritten BUICK Product # tag glued to the back, which makes things even more interesting.

This BUICK clock is in complete working order. It's good-sized, measuring 11” high by 6-3/4” in diameter. Overall, this clock in very good cosmetic condition, with only a very few small marks in the red that are hard to see. It displays just fine.

It's likely this is a genuine BUICK collectible that your buddy won't have in his collection! The price is $85, plus shipping. Thanks for looking. John

358 (519x800).jpg

361 (600x800).jpg

363 (530x800).jpg

369 (626x800).jpg

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