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Found, 89 Tc . What should I do

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Anyway. Here she is.  Waiting to be snagged for 800.  “Runs rough”. At the very least do you think I could snap a good flip profit? I haven’t asked seller about the hard top mileage or 8v 16v.  Yet.  I’m assuming if it’s a 16v. I should buy it without hesitation?  Any tips advise (offers) would be fun.  You guys are a unique grouo.  Thanks....jeff






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Flipping for profit is NOT something to be seriously considered with a TC, at least for quite a few more years. Asking prices are going up but selling prices that I have seen are pretty much stagnant and selling a TC can take a long time. That particular TC looks nice for the price but make sure the brakes are functioning well, they are repairable but costly.


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From my own personal experience, unless you have a lot of extra money for very unique parts at a premium price from a tight resale market and/or like doing a LOT of tinkering...run.  Then, if you're serious about owning a TC and not just looking for a FLIP job, find one in the best shape for the best price that you're willing to pay or can afford and then enjoy it.

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