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Air Conditioner Help Needed-'84 Riviera

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I tried using a 134 AC recharge kit to put freon in the air conditioner on my 84 Riviera last year.  With the car running, the car would die when the freon was put i the system.  Otherwise, the car runs/idles very well.  Is there a replaceable part on the carburetor?  I have read about "idle control valves" on EBAY. 

Thanks for any help I receive!!



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Your engine should not die just because the A/C is turned on regardless of any idle compensation. It sounds

to me like the A/C  system has a problem and is loading the engine down more than it should. Also.......did you flush out the old

oil in the system and add the correct oil for R134 A refrigerant? If not you will wreck your entire A/C system running R134A with R12 oil in the system.

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