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Spare Tire Cover

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Can anyone identify this tire cover?  I suspect the Chevrolet emblem is glued on.  The Chevy guys say it is not ChevroletIMG_1371.thumb.JPG.62233908b2fd34474be5e227b67517ba.JPG

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Mopar, 33-34 side mount cover.  If you look at the lip where the two parts come together they are typically stamped with the size, e.g. 600-16, 525-17, etc.  600 would be 34, others would typically be 33.  See attached photo.  The Chevy logo doesn't make sense because that would put the logo at the top and the cut-out on the cover in the 6:00 position.  Depending on which side this one is for (they interchange with the exception of the logo position), the cut-out goes into the fender at the 8:00 position (for the driver side) or at the 4:00 position (for the passenger side).  With that positioning, you should find the original mounting holes for the emblem at what would be the 12:00 position for whatever side it was mounted on.  Unlike down on the flat part of the cover, where the Chevy logo is mounted, the Mopar logo was mounted more up on the curved part of the cover, like shown on Reg's '33 and in the attached photos.

33plymouthsidemountcover 007.jpg

sidemountcover 001.jpg

sidemountcover 002.jpg

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