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1929 Buick outer front wheel bearings

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I have a friend here in Ozz that is looking for new front outer wheel bearings for a 29 roadster that he is restoring Are these bearings available in the U.S  and if so does anyone have the number for the bearing and cone  Thank  you Ron  

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Is it a Standard (115" wheelbase) or a Master (120-128")?   Outer wheel bearings are no longer available for the 1922 to 1928 model Standards.  Not sure what bearing is in your 1929.  I had to make a bushing to hold modern roller bearings, so you can use this as a guide if you need to make a version for your car.   

Your outer cone is 909523, ball cup outer is 909623, ball bearing 909723  if you have a standard (1929 ser 116, 1930 ser 30-40, 1931 ser 8-50 and 8-60  

outer cone is 909527, ball cup outer is 909627,  ball bearing 909727 for 1929 ser 121-129, 1930 ser 50-60, 1931-32 ser 80-90



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I'm pretty sure I got new bearings for mine locally when I rebuilt it.   But that was over 25 years years ago.  Ring Statewide Bearings, if they can't get some nobody can.

Who's got the roadster ?   Is it a Standard or Master?

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Agreed. Take the old one to a shop and ask. Or measure it and look in the online catalogues.


1929 121 and 129 Buicks used the same inner front wheel bearing and it appears 5 times in Chilton. Cross overs in Chilton are Federal F-027, F & S, C & C Sales 909027 (same as New Departure) and MRC is 27.

The 116 bearing appears 23 times.  Cross overs are F-023, 909023 and 23 from the same companies.


These numbers do not appear in either Timken or SKF bearing cross reference charts.

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