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Vintage Andre Hydro Telecontrol Oil Guage Pre War For Sale Info

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This Was Found In A Box Of Guages I Picked Up A Few Months Ago "Andre Hydro Telecontrol" Mark Rear On The Guage Face 0-300 Pretty Sure Its Pre War But Other Than That Can't Find Much Information About It Any Help Would Be Appreciated,,,Thanks 




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Hello Brosp,

 As it seems as though no one else is going to answer your request I suppose that I had better do something:-

Your gauge is just one link in the Andre Telecontrol Dampers arrangement . This one is, as shown, for the rear wheels.  The Andre "Dampers" were hydraulic lever action "dampers" (shock absorbers), With the "tele-control" these were linked to a dashboard mounted "screw hand wheel". Turning this remote (dashboard) mounted control either increased or reduced the pressure in a bellows within the damper increasing or reducing the action of the dampers (shock absorbers). These little gauges were mounted in tandem with the control to give the driver some indication of the amount of damping action he was applying. On most cars  where these were fitted there was a seperate control for either the front or rear wheels.  Without the rest of the kit your gauge is simply a novelty.  Something for those, that way inclined, to add to their collection (of useless junk). If you can find the rest of the kit, it is of some (limited) value; depending on the condition and how complete the kit is. They were generally supplied on English high quality Sports/Touring cars. Notably Alvis, Bentley, Lagonda etc, mainly in the later 1930s. They gave the driver the ability to vary the "ride' of their car, while in motion, without getting out of the car and climbing underneath it. i.e. They did not have to get their hands dirty!  Try putting "Andre Telecontrol Dampers" into your "search-engine"; Google etc.


There is some further discusion on https://lagondaforum.com.


Bernie j.

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