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Model A - pulley ratchet nut

Guest HeyPop

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I want to replace the springs and clean up the front motor mount on my A truck but am having a heckuva time removing the front pulley ratchet nut. I'm taking it off because contrary to the "Model A Ford Mechanics handbook" ... there isn't enough room to lift the engine and get enough space to lift it out. At least in mine. Anyway... any ideas on how to break it loose without damaging something. Is it CW or CCW from the front. Radiator and generator are already out of the way. Special tool to hold the assembly while trying to turn the nut? confused.gif

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Hey Pop,

(thats what we call my grandfather-95!)Anyway.

1. CCW to remove (looking in front) in onther words it tightens in the direction you turn with hand crank.

2. Get the proper size socket preferably with at least 1/2" drive and long bar

3. HOLDING: method 1 put tranny in high and lock down the e-brake then try to loosen with long 2ft minimum bar

method 2 remove the starter and use a pry bar to engage the flywheel teeth and have a helper hold it.( In twenty years of working on antique cars I have never buggered or broke a ring gear this way- in case you are wondering)

method 3 use an impact wrench with at least 450 ft-lbs reverse capability.

Most likely you will get it off with method 1 or two.

DON'T hold by pulley you may crack it.

The nut is very sturdy (unlike the cast nuts on a Chrysler Imperial 8) so you can and will have to put some gut into it.

(If it makes you feel better my first car was a '31 coupe did from ground up.)

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I thought I'd share this with you since it's kinda amusing to me but it supposedly works. An old buddy of mine who has three old Ford tractors at the farm uses washline ..... smirk.gif He removes the plug from the #1 cylinder, turns the piston down to the bottom of it's travel and fills the cylinder with washline (uses a 50' coil)(lintless as much as possible) leaving the end come out through the plug hole. Then cranks the piston back up (by hand of course) until it compresses the washline and stops rotation. This "locks up' the engine, no chance of ruining any other parts and once the bolt is broken loose, comes right back out the plug hole. smile.gif Might be worth a try....

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