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1927 roadster project

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We are working on getting dad's 27 Standard roadster to the Oklahoma show. Paint is done and we are almost ready for upholstery and top. He has owned this car since 1952 and is BCA #99. Hope to see all of you there.


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     That is looking really good.  I may be getting close to doing upholstery and top on my 1925 Buick Standard Touring in the near future, so any pointers would be very helpful.  I would bet that we have the same front seat.  I will look into that.  I put together an upholstery package because my plan is to essentially have an original style interior made.  Maybe get some volume pricing.  High volume for old Buicks is 2 or more right?   I am posting what is needed for the front seat.  I do have a similar file for the rear seat of a Touring car if someone needs that.  I also have information on what your door covering should look like.  I do have some convertible top information as well.  Are you aware that there is a sheetmetal piece sewn into the top material that fits between the top frame and the glass frame?  If you are, I would love to get dimensions from you on this.  Otherwise I have some photos of what it looks like if you need it.   Most of this came from my experts - Leif Holmberg and Larry DiBarry.   


My car won't make the show, but I hope your does.  Your car looks great.    Hugh 


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 Great info as usual! Only one thing. The 1927 Sport roadster's seats are not pleated. They are smooth. Vol 79 #1 of the AACA  Antique Automobile has an article on Susan Manherz about her mostly ORIGINAL 1927-24 Sport Roadster. (Another one that got away!)Page 47 shows many details including how the smooth 2 piece seat bottom is arranged. 

 My article in the December 2018 Bugle showing my good friend Pete's ORIGINAL1927-54  has the same type of upholstery pattern.





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