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'89 TC part out


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Bought the car for the T2 motor, everything else is up for grabs, including the whole car if someone wants it(minus the motor and rad/intercooler). Located in NM. Have it listed on TD.com and was given the suggestion to post it here also. Just seeing if anyone needs anything before it goes to the junkyard. 


575-791-7470, text preferred, but you can call and leave a message and I'll call back.




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20 hours ago, Iehardia said:

Is the hard top still available? How about the Penta-trident off the dash (someone stole mine -.-)? Rear bumper strip? Center wheel medallion (only have 3 -.-).? Umbrella and case or other accessories from interior compartment? Let me know. Thanks.

Hard top is available. I'll check on the dash emblem. Got someone interested in the bumper strip right now, and I may have a good wheel center cap. Don't think any of the interior accessories are there, but I'll look.

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