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Auburn wheels & hub caps


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I just found three Auburn wire wheels and two Auburn 8 hub caps . They are for sale . I don't want to give them away but would like a fair and reasonable price .

The wheels are in real good condition , the hub caps are dented and scrached .

How much are they worth ?

Thanks for any help or advice .

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Good thing that you asked about the spokes . Two of the rims have 40 spokes, one has 48 spokes . They had 17 inch tires on all of them .The center hole where the hub cap fits is 6 7/8 , the outside diameter is 18 1/2 the inside hole is 4 1/2 . They are all 6 lug hole rims .

I don't know what you mean about the snap ring or drop center .

Thanks for asking .


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