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1957 Lincoln Data Plate decoding

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My friend recently purchased a nice 1957 Lincoln and wants to decode the data plate info.  The plate contains the following numbers:    under Registered US Patent Office:  #57WA21507L#        under Serial NO:  BAJ60B-136-734-A5-348   

I'm attaching pictures of the car and the data plate.

Thanks, Bill



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Thanks Tom.  That clarifies most of it.  Maybe someone else knows the trim and paint codes.  I believe the exterior colors are Bermuda Coral over Oxford Grey Metallic.  We're trying to confirm that the car is the original color.  The interior is Black and White.

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Those codes are in the shop manual or in the Body Parts Catalog. Lincoln Mercury Old Parts Store has a scanned copy online. That is one of their great services. I have found them to give the best service when they have the parts that you need.


The paint code 136 is Starmist White over Oxford Gray


Here is a link to their site



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