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Hello all I just joined AACA

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I own a 39 Buick Special and a 22 McLaughlin Buick 4 cylinder  coupe.   I use to drive the 39 often but life got in the way and it’s been stored for around 35 years.   When I got the 22 about 30 years ago it was partly disassembled so I’m looking for manuals, diagrams and detailed photos to help me locate a few parts I’m missing and to reassemble.   The biggest item I need are the splash pans that I’m sure I will need to have fabricated but I need the dimensions so any suggestions would be appreciated.  The other big task that I need to be cautious about is getting it running again and what to watch out for.   I know to pull the plugs and add loosening oils and giving them time to work but beyond that any advice is welcomed.

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Welcome to AACA and the AACA Discussion Forum. As has been suggested, you really should probably scroll down and post in the Pre War Buick section of the forum. You will find lots of Buick specific help in that area of the forum.  

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Welcome, Mike!

You'll find the AACA is an excellent club.

It will really enhance your enjoyment of the hobby

if you join an AACA region (local group) near you

and participate in events with them.  They probably

have at least one local car show a year, and probably

one or more tours for antique cars on scenic back roads.

You'll meet other people who have old cars, and you

may find new sources for repair and restoration near you

that you didn't know existed.


All the best to you from here forward.

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Welcome, Mike. There are many facets to the AACA forums. You'll likely find several sections of interest to you. Best of all, you'll find an amazing amount of knowledge here, among folks that have, "Been there, done that," and are very generous in sharing their experience with you.


Glad you're here! 


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