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Hood Springs Installed Without Incident on '51 Chieftain

Lisa P

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When I took delivery of my 1951 Chieftain, the biggest challenge facing me seemed to be the installation of the hood springs.  Mind you, the car was partially disassembled and therefore the springs were located in one of the 13 totes I received with the car.  After reviewing my options, a plan was made.  The hood was removed and set aside.  I then rolled my engine hoist into place so that the hook on the end of its chain was positioned directly over the spring mounting tab that is bolted onto the lower portion of the Pontiac's firewall.  The spring was attached here first and then to a lighter (but not too light) length of chain of which the other end was attached to my engine hoist's hook.  Carefully, I used to hoist to stretch the spring until it was enough the maneuver it onto the hook of the hood hinge assembly.  Slowly, the tension was released, the spring stayed put and a battle was won.  This procedure was then repeated for the other side and the hood was carefully bolted back onto the hinge assembly.  I have now found another use for the engine hoist I never thought I would need!

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