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Rear quarter and dogleg repair progress!

Lisa P

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Here are some before (the top two photos) and after photos of the repairs I've done.  I had a donor rear quarter for the right side and used the dogleg, rocker extension and wheel well arch.  This replaced the older repair attempt that was made by the previous owner.  I purchased a rocker extension and a portion of the wheel well arch for the left side.  After welding these in, I did my best to blend it all with body filler.  The left side was more extensive due to a crease that ran along a portion of the quarter panel just above where the molding bolts on.  I tried to get it out, but I could not get it smooth.  This is still a learning experience for me, and at least it is better than it was : )  Now if I could just find the front tabs that bolt on to hold the wheel skirts on...

2018-08-25 22.04.20.jpg

2018-08-25 22.04.46.jpg



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