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Driveline parts


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I was unable to find u-joint parts for my 1915. I ended up updating to new style u-joint. I used a u-joint with clips on the inside of the caps. I machined a bit out of the inside faces of the drive shaft and clutch yokes to centre the u-joint and to create a tight fit to the clips. See picture attached. The bearing caps had to be ground out to accept the pinch bolts. The dust cover encloses everything and you can not tell a modification was made.


for the rear of the driveshaft, I found some square trunnion on  1917 6 cyl frame. Mine were round and badly worn. I machined hole add added a bushing to bring it back it the original shaft size. I also made a new cross shaft  I used the transmission companion flange the was with the square trunnions as it was not worn. The extra surface area that the square trunnions ride on took the all the play out. You could probably have some square trunnions made if yours are round and worn as mine were. 


I believe the u-joint I used is a spicer  5-806X. T20160416_175028.thumb.jpg.b5521f0dcb4914699549b515cc4fb626.jpg20160407_202725_resized.thumb.jpg.1bfe8ebff3b3ce356e833a62664c84be.jpg20160407_202930_resized.thumb.jpg.80d8130af0f99292d53a87cd077bc5f1.jpghey are used on  Dana 60 differentials. 


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