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Source for 3/4 inch Half Oval Molding (uses Spring Clips)

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One of our cars has what appears to be brass half oval trim and the chrome shop messed one piece up (they said it was weak to start with and about 3 inches broke off one of the sides). Our other car seems to have aluminum (maybe Stainless) trim. It looks like pretty common 3/4 inch half oval trim that uses spring clips.

Any idea where to source trim like this? I would take brass, aluminum or stainless if I could find it.
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6 hours ago, Curti said:

The cowl trim on my 31 is solid, three pieces. 

If its solid, its replacement . The originals were a stamping and  even have a very small L or R stamped in them to ID the side. My source of knowledge is a original 32 8-100 A phaeton and a 32 8-100 A sedan.

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I have to be respectfully disagree. It could be one of the differences  between a car built in Auburn vs Connersville. My source of knowledge are two unmolested cars : 31 898-A coupe  61 K miles   32 8-100A sedan 19,300 miles.  

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