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1939 Lincoln Zephyr paint code.

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The steering wheel hub and horn button are dash color. The metal center of the horn button with the script can be removed by bending the tabs on the back.  I was thinking it was stainless but if not you can have it chromed.  Then paint it and wipe away the paint from the raised script.  image.thumb.png.3e3c4681a3397642c7820bbf9f8f91a9.png

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Hi, I don't know the hub paint code ," Quality Restorations" may do,  but your mushroom brown shade on your steering hub looks pretty close. May be  " dash red" would flow better on the steering hub? Save painting the steering column. You could paint the horn button the  mushroom brown, I painted my LZ. raised script " speedo/ needle red" with a very small brush and lots of patience. 

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