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1932 Buick Model 91

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On 1/24/2019 at 6:34 PM, JayG said:

I want to know what color that is.  I'm looking for a nice deep burgundy.

They posted in the ebay listing:


Ditzler Dp 40 Base Self Etching Primer 
NCP 250 Primer, NCP 255 Catalyst 
Deltron Acrylic Urethane 
DAU 2150 Boulevard Maroon
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I have to say I think a 1932 Buick 90 Club Sedan is a stunning car.    


Sidenote:  What color is your friends unrestored Club sedan - the car referenced as a show car ?


I also recall my Grandparents talking about their 1934 90 Brewster Club sedan - Gold with a Gold leather top and when my grandfather ran it into a streetcar they went back to the family they bought it from and bought a 1938 Buick Limited Coupe (another rare car).

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