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1916 Studebaker Four performance?


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I am considering purchase of a very nicely restored 1916 Studebaker four cylinder roadster. The vendor says that his is a low-speed car, with top end limited by vibration from a tricky-to-adjust type of universal joint.

I like to tour my cars, and not hold up following traffic. Supposing these universals are in proper adjustment, what sort of continuous crusing speed is reasonable to expect from this car?

Thank you!

By the way, this would not be my first Studebaker. That was a 1961 (I believe) Lark VI station wagon purchased sometime in the the early '70s for $42.50. It gave me several months of relible transportation.

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The slip joint at the front of the transmission (rear of the axle)also acts as a universal joint and was badly worn in my car. This will also cause a lot of vibration if not repaired.

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