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Winter Driving Questions - 95 Supreme


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I live in a mountainous region of Western Mass. Winters are heavy with snow and ice. Many days I could not make it up my steep country driveway with my studded snow tires on my Saab - so it can be tough. I love this 95 Supreme and want to drive it in winter. It's my first winter with the car and I have a couple of concerns. It seems to have too much momentum especially when coming down hills - I can't really slow it by braking lightly down the hill - need to come to a near stop and then proceed - now I understand why some older citizens, with bigger cars seem to "brake" all the way down hills. In my area, during winter months, braking all the way down hills could get you in a ditch or an accident. So, will I be able to better control this car in winter with a particular tire? Is it the norm for this car to move so fast down hills, even without acceleration to the pedal? I've always driven small cars with standard transmissions. Also, I'm a bit leary of the ABS brakes on this baby - have never driven with them in winter either. Advice appreciated. Thanks.

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It helps if you use the engine/transmission braking feature that is designed into the car. Shift to a lower transmission range before descending hills, just don't do it abruptly or you will put the car into a skid.

ABS will help in slippery conditions, but it is still no cure-all. It will enhance a skilled driver's abilities, and often make an unskilled driver's worse.

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