FS- Early Splitdorf Coil Box- clean original condition.

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Selling this clean coilbox . It has a stamped date on the back 1911.(see pictures) The switch works smooth , the case is in nice condition and the brass is all good. All Ive done to it is wipe it down with Lemon Pledge... Still has the paper label under top. Price $300.00 and you pay the shipping. It wll fit in a Large  USPS Flat Rate box. I think they are under $20.00 .

The last thre pictures are of a different coilbox with good switch Ill sell for $125.00 .Its a KOKOMO box I think.... But can check if any interest. Mike West 585 738 1541  or email mawest729@gmail.com

coilboxes 005.JPG

coilboxes 006.JPG

coilboxes 005.JPG

coilboxes 008.JPG

coilboxes 007.JPG

coilboxes 004.JPG

coilboxes 001.JPG

coilboxes 002.JPG

coilboxes 003.JPG

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